Do you ever experience strain when you sing? Do you experience frustration over not being able to sing those high notes, or that your voice breaks, or that you don’t sound as good as you wish? Do you wish you would be more confident - especially in front of people?

Today you are invited to discover why...

Professional singers of many styles use the revolutionary Sing With Freedom/ The Singing Zone program to overcome voice problems and get in top shape for their tours, concerts and recordings…

Hobby singers who sing in bands, groups and choirs can discover newfound abilities within and experience even greater joy from singing…

Beginner singers can discover a phenomenal instrument within that they previously had not been aware of.

Most people have become conditioned to believe that singing lessons must include singing scales. Today you are invited to discover a revolutionary method that goes beyond traditional in person or online singing lessons, and that has evolved from Per Bristow’s teachings, known as the Bristow Voice Method.

Here you will discover how to develop a profound new awareness of your instrument, so you can access and isolate muscles you haven't been aware of before. You can then effectively develop greater functionality, strength, range and more, In addition, you develop greater musicality, a newfound freedom to express with confidence, and ultimately become more spontaneous, expressive, attractive and successful.

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